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Delivering Net Zero through collaboration: Elizabeth’s story

28 June 2022

Elizabeth, bp's new global environmental & social (E&S) manager discusses how she is supporting bp’s offshore wind, hydrogen, CCS, and integrated gas and power developments across the US and abroad

Elizabeth Komiskey

Elizabeth has always been attracted to work that allows her to solve difficult problems. Continuously challenging herself is important. 


After graduating with a degree in civil and environmental engineering, she started her career in subsea engineering consulting before moving to Washington DC, where she worked for the federal government in the US within numerous energy-focussed technical and leadership roles. Here, she had an opportunity to work closely with impacted communities and stakeholders and support political appointees for the Bush and Obama administrations – an experience she found to be particularly rewarding.


“It was a huge win to help so many people feel comfortable and respected throughout the energy development process.” 


Bringing stakeholder engagement experience to bp  


Having joined bp in 2011, Elizabeth has been applying her skills in stakeholder engagement across a number of areas within the business, ensuring that bp’s projects align with government policy.


At the start of this year, she took on a new role as global environmental & social (E&S) manager for bp’s Gas and Low Carbon Energy business. Elizabeth is involved in ambitious and collaborative projects across the US and abroad, supporting bp’s offshore wind, hydrogen, CCS, and integrated gas and power developments. Externally, Elizabeth explains that this ambition also resonates strongly with stakeholders and regulators in the US:


Elizabeth explains,


bp is known for going in and willingly having open and honest conversations with our technical experts to bring transparency to the space. This is something that sets us apart.”

Right now, Elizabeth is excited to be working as part of the bp team developing the Empire and Beacon Offshore Wind Projects alongside Equinor. Together these will provide New York State with 3.3 gigawatts (GWs) of energy — that’s enough to power nearly two million homes! “This is an exciting new area, presenting many challenges, but it is a critical part of bp’s transition to cleaner forms of energy as an integrated energy company”


Elizabeth says,


Partnerships and collaborative work are essential to our net zero ambition. Everyone brings different strengths and working as a team towards a common goal is highly motivating.”


A culture of growth and diversity 


Moving forward, Elizabeth explains that E&S will continue to be an area of rapid growth at bp and emphasises: “My role is to make sure my team and others in the E&S space have opportunities to grow and develop professionally.”


“We need to keep cultivating top talent, welcoming people with experience, and developing the skills of those who have a keen interest in our work. We are looking for the talent that will support us on this journey.”


But most importantly, the diversity of this talent will remain at the heart of her team and the business. Upon joining bp in 2011, Elizabeth’s first team in the Gulf of Mexico was what she described to be “a global melting pot”.


Elizabeth explains,


This was not just in terms of nationalities, but also career background. We had business professionals, engineers from various disciplines and senior level scientists all in one team."

“Working together means we can build something powerful, and bp recognises this. I’m excited to see more talent join us in years to come!”


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