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Travelling the world with BP: Jaya’s story

3 December 2019
As a former sea captain, Jaya joined BP Shipping in 2006. Since then, he has worked in a range of roles, helping to safely transport energy around the world
Jaya standing in the garden

During the early years of his career as a deck cadet at sea, the Indian shipping industry was growing fast. Over the next thirteen years, Jaya sailed through the ranks – third officer, second officer, chief officer and finally captain.


During his time at sea, Jaya mostly worked on oil tankers but also spent some time on bulk carriers, passenger ships and container ships. As he describes it, “being at sea is a different world; you have a ship to command, 25 to 30 people to support and nothing else disturbs you. You’re able to travel around the world and face new challenges every day.” 


However, after three years as captain, Jaya’s family drew him to shore. “Being away from your family and loved ones is the biggest challenge that every seafarer is faced with. In my case, I decided it was time to come home to spend more time with my kids.” 


A truly global role 


After spending a few years at a ship management company in Singapore, Jaya joined BP Shipping as a marine superintendent in 2006. He spent the next decade in various roles, working on the safety and risk management of BP’s marine activities, which allowed him to develop strong technical and leadership capabilities. 


In his time at BP, Jaya has travelled to over 20 countries, including Japan, Australia, South Africa, the US and many more. Describing the benefits of these experiences, he shares:

I had the chance to meet some great people and learn from cultures in different parts of the world. All of this helped shape me into who I am today.
In 2019, Jaya was promoted to global marine oil manager. Working with teams in Singapore, London and Houston, he manages the marine risk involved in the transportation of hydrocarbons by sea. His team assesses safety standards and finds solutions to marine risks, sharing expertise with the industry and helping the marine community develop best practices.
As global marine oil manager, I have such an exciting role managing shipping risk and providing innovative, agile marine solutions for BP. I go back to my family every evening as a happy person and, the next day, I’m always excited to come back to work.

What makes BP special? 


BP values the contribution of its employees, something which stands out for Jaya. In 2011, he won the BP Shipping CEO award and, later in 2015, he was part of the team that received the prestigious Helios award for the value of courage.

Jaya talking to work colleagues
Moreover, Jaya cites the culture at BP as a significant factor in his work. “It's a completely open, honest culture where everyone respects the values that we have. Things like flexible working really help you progress your career whilst also maintaining a balance at home.” 

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