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Life@bp podcast – the world is changing and so am I

8 October 2020

A conversation with first-year trading graduate from Singapore, Zhang Yue

In this episode we’re chatting to Zhang Yue, a first-year trading graduate based in Singapore


Upbeat and always candid, Zhang shares her reflections of life on the trading floor, telling us what she was expecting before she joined and what she actually discovered when she became part of the team – it’s not nearly as intimidating as she feared.


I thought the trading bench would be an intense place to be, but at bp it’s very warm and approachable.


We also talk about some of the things Zhang has learnt about herself too, such as building confidence in forming relationships at work and learning to switch from a more carefree approach at university to a meticulous approach required as a trader.

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Sometimes serious and sometimes playful, throughout the series you’ll hear stories, insights and reflections that enlighten and inspire. From life at bp and beyond. 

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