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Perfecting customer experience: Amanda's story

1 October 2019
It’s all about customer experience for Amanda Woolard, in her role as General Manager for Retail in Australia

“Whenever I am in a restaurant or shop, I am forever identifying missed opportunities in the business, such as opportunities to deploy new technology or develop employees. It drives my friends and family insane, but it’s also a learning exercise for me, which I bring back to my retail role at BP.”

Customer experience, why does it matter?

Having begun her career in the hospitality industry as an assistant restaurant manager and progressing through various hospitality and fashion retail leadership roles, she developed a deep appreciation for the importance of customer experience. “In today’s retail world, it’s a really hot topic. Customers have high expectations and good experiences can cement loyal customers, ensuring they return, as well as tell others about that experience.”

“Customer satisfaction and customer advocacy are key drivers of a successful retail business. It is something that we at BP are really focused on in our service stations, at our shops, car washes and truck stops.”

From fashion retail to BP retail

Amanda has now worked at BP for nearly two decades. She recalls, “In hospitality and retail I specifically enjoyed the leadership, big teams and responsibility of delivering a profitable business, all of which are transferrable skills between industries. Over time, I’ve cemented these as focus areas in my career at BP as well.”

Supported to succeed

While the move from fashion to energy may seem quite a jump, having developed a set of core retail leadership skills, Amanda found that there was no shortage of support and development opportunities at BP. “I’ve participated in both the Emerging Talent and Emerging Leaders programmes, which contributed to my own development and provided valuable access to senior leaders.”

“I have also benefited from mentors, senior leaders at BP, who have been able to assist with my career development. I’ve been proactive with sharing my career aspirations and this has helped identify the relevant development areas to focus on, to set me up for success. Ultimately though, you need to know where you want to go with your career, so it helps narrow down the development you need.”

Having an impact on others

Amanda now leads teams across 350 of BP’s retail sites and she enjoys the opportunity to help others develop in their careers. “I find it very rewarding. Helping others to learn and grow is one of my true passions. I put that down to a deep desire to help others win.”

“At BP I have found a global company that positively impacts the world, and it is a company brimming with intelligent and caring individuals that are keen to make a difference and support one another to get there. People at BP always want to help and support in any way that they can. Ultimately we are all here to make a difference.” 

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