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Boomeranging back to bp: Sebastian's story

22 December 2022

After exploring a new opportunity at a leading industry trade association Seb Hirsz returned back almost 3 years later, as bp’s lead advisor on mobility policy

Sebastian Hirsz

Seb Hirsz first joined bp as a graduate in 2012, working his way up the ranks before leaving in 2019. Yet after exploring a new opportunity at a leading industry trade association he returned – or ‘boomeranged’- back almost 3 years later, as bp’s lead advisor on mobility policy.  


The remit of his new role was a big part of the appeal, he explains


We’re looking at how to accelerate the decarbonization of transport. The policy team has a central role within the organization, feeding directly into the bp strategy and sustainability teams.

The role was a natural fit for Seb, after his time with the UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA). In that role he worked alongside bp and other energy companies to advise the UK Government on its energy policy, focusing on sustainable fuels, electrification and low carbon hydrogen.


“Having a positive impact on the decarbonization of transport has been a core driving force throughout my career. I loved my time at UKPIA because it allowed me to take my sector-specific knowledge and elevate it to a national level – learning to embed fuels policy into a broader decarbonisation strategy” he explains.


Shaping policy on a global stage 


Asked why he decided to return to bp, he reflects that his choice was driven by a desire to


Challenge myself and take on a global remit. In this role, I am helping countries around the world where bp is active to decarbonize mobility, from advising on EV infrastructure rollout in the US, to working with the European Commission on how to support the uptake of sustainable aviation fuels.

At UKPIA, Seb worked with several energy businesses and associations daily. He explains: “working with the range of members was fascinating and you learn from them all, seeing how the whole UK energy system fits together. It’s incredibly rewarding to apply that experience to my new role at bp.” 


Working with bp on the other side of the fence


The other reflection Seb had on his time at UKPIA was what it was like working with bp from the other side of the fence…


bp announced that it was going to reimagine energy and its ambition to be net zero by 2050 or sooner while I was working at UKPIA. I could see clearly from the outside how bp was really driving its decarbonisation agenda along.

The new ambition and company strategy meant that when a job opening was flagged to Seb by a friend at bp, he was excited to seize the opportunity to return in December 2021.



In many ways, it’s the same company to the one I left; the people are still integral and, in my mind, bp’s core asset. But, without a doubt, the company feels renewed, with a fresh and focused vision on where it needs to go. I saw this when I worked for UKPIA and it’s great to now see it first-hand.

Seb concludes with a highlight of his nine months back at bp, “certainly establishing a global view on how to accelerate the deployment of EV charging was very rewarding - and there’s plenty of interesting projects in the pipeline too”.


Interested in Seb’s story?  Find out more about his time at bp and UKPIA via the video here: 


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