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Top application and interview tips from Future Leaders

4 October 2019
If you’re looking for a new challenge, the Future Leaders Programme is an exciting prospect to explore. We have asked some of the current FLPs to give us their top interview and application tips to help you make the most of the application process

“Be able to demonstrate how your experience strongly displayed BP's values and behaviours”


Abby Chan, regional business support lead, transformation, Singapore


“Use the selection process to think deeply about whether BP is right for you, beyond just the first few roles. The recruitment process is designed to give you maximum chance to meet our people and get insight into the company and values, so use it to ensure we are a good fit for you too. Think of the process as ensuring we are right for each other.”


James Dunbar, operations superintendent, U.S.


“Before your interview, I’d recommend that you dig deep into BP’s core values and understand what they mean, and how they could be implemented. I found that this was invaluable preparation for the interviews and case studies.”


Victor Berrizbeitia, marketing co-ordinator, Chicago


“Devote a lot of time to learning the techniques for dealing with case studies. You should try to find people to run through case studies with you and use case study websites to practice.”

Pius Enigheno, projects engineer, UK


“My tip would be to familiarize yourself with the HireVue video interview process as much as possible, and really try to avoid letting the format throw you off.”


James Kruse, strategy co-ordinator, Chicago


“For the first step in the interview, it is important to have a convincing answer to the following three questions:

  1. Why BP? (I suggest you echo our core company values, making sure you know them and are able to give examples how your own behaviour and experience fits with them.)
  2. Why you chose to study an MBA (or other relevant qualification), and how it shaped your perspective on what you want to achieve in the long-term.
  3. Why are you and BP a good match?”


Sabrina Armgart, strategy & marketing advisor, Germany


“Your individuality and uniqueness is what needs to be conveyed in your application and interview. Let us know how you have been able to accomplish all that you have, and how you will integrate that winning history into BP’s culture.”


Cynthia Pierre, materials & corrosion engineer, plant integrity, Australia


“Try to remain relaxed during the assessment centre and don’t get flustered if you make a mistake. During one of the exercises I made a mistake early on and only realised later in the process. I reworked my answer and pointed out that my previous answer was incorrect, but I was going to work with the correct assumption going forward. Everybody is human and in my feedback the fact I had remained calm and quickly recovered was seen as a strength.”


Iain Shearer, commercial & operations advisor, UK


"When answering questions try to link into something you feel passionate about, know extensively or enjoy. You will no doubt be nervous - talking about something which you are more comfortable with will allow you to relax and you will be more authentic and confident."


"Ensure you dress in smart, professional attire. There were a few at my assessment centre who weren't dressed in traditional business wear. Your appearance, although not critical to you getting the job is your first impression and it's an easy one to get right."


Alexandra Smeathers, manufacturing and operations engineer, UK


With the Future Leaders Programme, you’ll have the opportunity to work in roles that will develop your skills and prepare you for success.

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