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Used for reference by the media, academia, world governments and energy companies, the Statistical Review of World Energy is one of the most widely respected publications in the field of energy economics
Jason Bauer, process engineering superintendent , at Toledo Refinery in Oregon, Ohio, US
The bp Statistical Review of World Energy is the longest-running compilation of global energy statistics available. Over the years, it has become widely recognized as a key source of data on energy markets, useful to business, policy, academia, journalists and the public alike. It seems fair to say that it has become a crucial resource, underpinning discussions about energy or the environment with facts.

The Statistical Review has been published for 71 years and has expanded from a small, typed, paper document of fewer than 10 pages to a comprehensive internet database that can be used for very detailed analysis. Behind the published data are more than 700,000 single data entries – and it is growing each day. The numbers contain the story of energy in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of this one. They illustrate global transitions in the fuels we use and how we use them, and our preoccupations and concerns about this important element of the global economy.

The printed publication and website (launched originally in 1996) are freely available to all who wish to use them. There is no agenda: it is simply a portrait in numbers of global energy production, consumption, trade, reserves and prices.

Our commemorative 60-year edition provides a bit more of the history of the publication.