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bp joins forces with Volkswagen Group

Release date:
15 March 2021
How will an alliance with global mobility giant VW boost EV ownership? bp’s EVP of customers & products, Emma Delaney, looks at the charge ahead

Today, we’ve announced an exciting plan to team up with VW Group in a move we hope will help to accelerate the take-up of electric vehicles. 


The agreement includes bp becoming VW’s EV charging partner to develop an extensive ultra-fast charging network. The network would be integrated into VW’s cars, making finding and paying for charging easy. It would also be available for other EV customers, improving access to ultra-fast charging more widely. It’s a great fit with the roll-out already under way of our Aral pulse and bp pulse brands. 


“We know access to fast, reliable and convenient charging will give people more confidence to choose an EV and help overcome the fear of running out of power – also known as ‘range anxiety’.”


That’s where our retail sites come in. They’re convenient – around 90% of the UK and German population live within 20 minutes of a bp or Aral location – and provide additional services, like coffee and groceries. We’re ideally placed for a speedy, and enjoyable, charging experience. 


I’m delighted we’re working with VW – one of the world’s great automotive companies. With their technology and EV customer base, together with our superior charging experience, we can directly address customers’ needs. This will help to get more EVs on the roads and, ultimately, drive the energy transition forward.


Big thanks to everyone involved at VW and bp!

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