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Getting more renewable diesel on the road

Release date:
22 November 2022
Doubling renewable diesel output at our Cherry Point refinery means truck drivers can lower their emissions without changing a thing
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bp’s wider transformation is under way. While we’re mostly in oil & gas today, we’ve increased global investment into our lower carbon businesses, convenience stores and power trading from around 3% in 2019 to around 23% in 2023.

The world needs transportation fuels, and our Cherry Point refinery in the US produces millions of gallons of them a day. As bp transforms, the team there is finding ways to cut emissions from those products while they scale up lower carbon solutions. 


Diesel is extremely difficult to decarbonize, but producing it from bio sources, such as waste vegetable oil and animal fat, can have a big impact. So, the team at Cherry Point turned a $50 million investment into doubled renewable diesel capacity. The refinery now has the capability to co-process more than 7,000 barrels a day of renewable diesel, about 2.6 million barrels per year. Watch the short film above to find out more.


Refining diesel from renewable sources like biowaste produces a product with 30% fewer lifecycle emissions than fossil diesel. And, it’s chemically identical – which means that we can change things on our end, but our customers don’t have to change a thing.  

💡 Why it matters

This upgrade is expected to reduce the CO2 emissions resulting from the diesel produced by Cherry Point by up to 600,000 tons per year. That’s like taking around 130,000 cars off the road. 


This is one more plan put into action. Cherry Point is a great example of a refinery transforming with the aim of becoming an integrated energy hub – enabling us to keep providing the energy customers want and need and the jobs communities rely on by making lower carbon products.

“We’re excited that Cherry Point continues taking steps towards a lower carbon future. This work shows the important role refining can play in helping both bp and the world to reach net zero.”


Amber Russell, senior vice president, refining, terminals and pipelines

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