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Greater equity

Our aim 14 is greater diversity, equity and inclusion for our workforce and customers, and to increase certified diverse supplier spend to $650 million for US-related spend

We want our workforce and customers to experience greater equity – fair treatment according to everyone’s different needs and situations – while also helping our partners in the bp ecosystem do the same. We aim to do this by improving workforce diversity and workplace inclusion, making customer experiences more inclusive and increasing our annual expenditure with certified diverse suppliers, including female and under-represented or minority groups, to $650 million for US-related spend by 2025.


How we understand equity

Equity and equality are sometimes used interchangeably but do not mean the same thing. Equality ‎generally focuses on everyone being treated the same way; equity means fair treatment according to ‎an individual’s different needs and situation. Equity focuses on what people need to achieve fair ‎outcomes for all.‎

We aim to achieve equitable – or fair – outcomes for our employees. We can do this, for example, by ‎providing them the support and resources they need to succeed.‎

How we will meet our aim

Promoting equity and inclusion goes beyond respect for human rights, worker rights and non-‎discrimination. It involves finding ways to achieve a more diverse and inclusive bp while also helping to ‎address structural disadvantages and inequality in economic opportunity and participation.‎

We are aiming to deliver inclusive employee and customer experiences through our diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) activities. We ‎will still operate as one global workforce but intend to progress our DE&I agenda locally as well. Our ‎leaders are vital in instilling an inclusive culture by showing their support and providing strategic ‎direction for employees to follow.‎

We also want to make sure that our mobility and convenience customers have an inclusive experience ‎when they refuel or shop with us. And by 2025 we aim to spend $650 million of our US-related annual expenditure with certified diverse supliers.

Making progress on DE&I

All bp entities have set DE&I actions plans, based on the three pillars of our global framework: transparency, accountability and talent.

Examples of our progress in 2023:

  • Delivered Race4Equity training to almost 100% of our most senior leaders (group and senior leaders) and 84% of all other employees – this training is mandatory in the US and UK
  • Launched a global initiative to encourage employees to voluntarily disclose their identity data – ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation – in our HR systems where legally permissible to do so
  • Rolled out our social mobility framework for action, with a focus on supporting employees and communities with fewer economic and social opportunities. We were also ranked 19th out of 143 in The Social Mobility Foundation’s Employer index
  • Expanded our apprenticeships programme to 750 apprentices and increased the number of work experience placements we offer to 500 worldwide.


Reporting on DE&I

Our 2022 diversity, equity and inclusion report provides evidence of our progress over the last three years and focuses on our specific achievements and the actions we took in 2022.

We know we have more work to do and we are investing in the resources needed to help us to continue to improve our DE&I performance.


What is included in our DE&I report 2022


  • An update on how we are putting DE&I into action through our global, UK and US frameworks ‎for action
  • Updates on the performance of our business resource groups
  • 2021 gender and ethnicity data by grade, including our board and leadership teams.