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Our aim 15 is to enhance the health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and local communities. We will support them to proactively improve their physical and mental health – through innovative programmes, partnerships and offers

Health and wellbeing at bp

The physical and mental health wellbeing of our employees and their families is important for bp. We ‎have a global employee assistance programme (EAP) to support health and wellbeing. It is accessible 24 ‎hours a day, every day and provides access to one-to-one support from a counsellor and personalized self-help content.

Our thrive@bp wellbeing platform also provides support for our workforce, their families and friends. With the implementation of country-specific wellbeing platforms for employees in the US and China we have met our 2025 target to provide access for 100% of eligible employees and their families.

We take a risk-based approach when prioritizing employee health challenges and planning health awareness campaigns. In 2023 our activities in the UK included an initiative to support our retail employees to enhance their health and wellbeing, the roll out of menopause e-learning modules and support for Mental Health Awareness Week.


Mental health and wellbeing

Our mental health training programmes are designed to build employees’ awareness and ability to care for themselves and others. In 2023 we updated our mental health training programmes and devised a mental health training programme specifically targeted at group leaders.

bp is a founding partner of The Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health and through our partnership with MindForward Alliance our regional leaders have participated in roundtable discissions about the action businesses are taking to destigmatize mental health challenges.

bp employees and their families also have free access to the third-party Headspace app, which offers services to support mental health and wellbeing.