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Aviation safety awareness

This awareness video (available in English, Azeri, French, Portuguese and Arabic) is about understanding the aviation hazards, who is responsible for managing the barriers and what you need to do to maintain safe operations. Whilst the offshore installation manager (OIM) or onshore site manager (OSM) has overall responsibility for managing aviation hazards and barriers at their site, we all have our part to play 
Helicopter on platform with crew

The videos have been created to be relevant to all our operating locations and feature the following:


Ignition sources
Shows the risk of ignition/fire sources from portable electronic devices during air travel.

Line of Fire 

Demonstrates the line of fire hazards associated with helicopter operations.

Lose articles

Demonstrates the risk of loose articles during helicopter transfers.

Heli-deck maintenance

This shows the risks associated with the heli-deck surfaces.

Operating limits

This highlights the importance of accurate weights, measures and following safe working limits.


Passengers and offshore workers need to ensure they continue to follow any specific regional instructions.

English version
Arabic version
Azeri version
French version
Portuguese version