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bp has successfully operated in Singapore for over 50 years
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What we do

Today, bp’s main business activities in Singapore include the oil, gas, chemicals, carbon and finance trading business for the Eastern Hemisphere, covering the Middle East, Southern and East Africa, Australia, India, Southeast Asia and China. Singapore is also the regional headquarters for shipping, consumer lubricants, industrial lubricants, marine fuel and lubricants and aviation fuels, serving international markets and customers.


Our people and partners

We believe success comes from the energy of our people. Through living our values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team, we create an inclusive working environment where everyone can make a difference and give their best. Since 2015, bp has partnered with the Singapore National Paralympic Council, at the heart of our partnership is an alignment of our values, especially excellence, respect and courage.


The Paralympics stand for the mobilisation of human energy to achieve extraordinary performance – and that is something which resonates very strongly with us at bp, and an important message to share with our key stakeholders. Our 700 staff are based at the Marina One East Tower office, in the heart of the central business district, and at the Tepong marine lubricants blending plant in Jurong.


bp looks forward to another successful 50 years in Singapore, and beyond.

Use the contact details below to call or write to us at bp Singapore. We aim to deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

bp Singapore

7 Straits View

#26-01 Marina One East Tower
Singapore, 018936


Phone: +65 6335 3000