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bp has been operating in Thailand since 1992
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What we do

Lubricants are at the centre of our business in Thailand. Castrol has been a well-known name in ‎Thailand for several decades; we also blend and sell bp lubricants here.

In 2009, our company name was changed to ‘BP-Castrol (Thailand) Limited’ to fully recognize the ‎global brands associated with our lubricants business.

Our businesses in Thailand include BP-Castrol Automotive Lubes, Castrol Industrial and Marine & ‎Energy Lubricants.‎


Our people and partners

The head office of BP-Castrol (Thailand) Limited is in the centre of Bangkok. We also have a blending ‎plant in Samut Sakhon province, which is about 50km from Bangkok. There are 180 people working ‎at BP-Castrol on a permanent basis and more than 100 contractors, working mainly in the blending ‎plant, logistics and our customer sites.‎


Community investment

Involvement in community projects is a key part of our country agenda, which also aligns with bp ‎group’s strategy. BP-Castrol (Thailand) is a founder member and firm supporter of projects such as ‎the annual Ploenchit fair, organized by the British Embassy to raise funds for Thai charities including ‎projects that help to improve the quality of life for Thai people, especially children with disabilities.

In addition, in order to support the country during crisis, BP-Castrol (Thailand) provides assistance ‎during incidents such as flooding and COVID-19.‎

The vision is to return benefits to the society in which bp operates. Projects are developed jointly by ‎the leadership team, employees and the local community.‎

Please use the contact details below to call or write to us at bp Thailand. We aim to deal with ‎enquiries as quickly as possible.‎

BP-Castrol (Thailand) Limited‎

3 Rajanakarn Building, 23rd floor

South Sathon Road, Yannawa

Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand


Phone: +66 2 684 3555

‎Fax: +66 2 684 3742

bp offices in Thailand

Khun Sathit Lertsukwibul

Country sales director, BP-Castrol (Thailand) Limited


Phone: +66 2 684 3596‎

Fax: +66 2 684 3566

Employment enquiries

Khun Dalad Varanawat

People & culture lead (human resources manager), BP-Castrol (Thailand) Limited ‎


Phone: +66 2 684 3605‎

Fax: +66 2 684 3645‎