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Offshore wind

Wind energy is an abundant and potentially substantial power source that can bolster energy security and act as a catalyst for integrated systems

As the world’s demand for low carbon energy grows, offshore wind can play a role in the clean energy future.

And we’re not the only ones forecasting a big role for offshore wind. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that global annual offshore wind installations will increase by 50% over the five years from 2022, propelled by policy support in the European Union, the United States and China.1

bp aims to be a world leader in offshore wind, safely developing and operating a multi-gigawatt global pipeline over the next decade. And we are on track to deliver. We have an offshore wind pipeline of 9.6GW net with planned projects and partnerships across the US, Europe and Asia.


1International Energy Agency

Why offshore wind energy?

We’re investing in offshore wind – a component of our renewables and power transition growth engine – to establish a global position in the sector and build our portfolio to help serve the world’s energy needs.

Offshore wind can produce large quantities of low carbon electrons that can feed into integrated energy systems in service of green hydrogen, EV charging and power trading.

And the gigawatts from our offshore wind business will be key to helping bp to meet its aim to develop 50GW of renewable power to FID by 2030.

It’s all part of our transformation to an integrated energy company and helping to play our part in providing secure, affordable and lower carbon energy.

Matthias Bausenwein, SVP, Offshore Wind, bp
“Offshore wind is in the centre of the energy transition paving the way to net zero.” Matthias Bausenwein, senior vice president, offshore wind

Where we are developing offshore wind projects

Click on the dots to find out what we are doing in that country.

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The world's transition to a more secure, more affordable, lower carbon energy system needs massive investment in lower carbon energies AND continued investment in oil and gas as the alternatives grow. We're transforming bp to play our part – discover more below

Our transformation

bp offshore wind investment

Offshore wind is a key component of bp’s renewables & power transition growth engine

Offshore windOffshore wind

Transition growth businesses

We’re investing up to $8 billion more into our transition growth engines – including offshore wind – between 2023 and 2030

Offshore windOffshore wind

Offshore windpipeline

We’ve secured a 9.3GW net offshore wind pipeline in three years

Rapid growth

Our renewable development pipeline quadrupled in less than two years

Putting plans into action

Watch these films on some of the steps we’re taking towards bringing our offshore wind projects to life

Seabed surveying

Offshore wind projects begin with essential seabed survey work. Find out what specialist vessels and crew have been undertaking in the Irish Sea, and how this will help bp and EnBW to build efficient offshore wind farms with the least environmental impact. 

Measuring offshore conditions

Learn how we’re carrying out a two-year campaign to collect and measure data on wind and wave conditions in the Irish Sea to help inform the design of our Mona and Morgan projects’ turbines and substations. It’s all thanks to these Seawatch® LiDAR buoys housing state-of-the sensors.