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Features and benefits

BP Plus makes running a vehicle fleet easy and efficient with over 20 years of experience. See how our award-winning fuel card can help your business
BP Plus Award Winning Fuelcard

You can count on BP Plus for ongoing savings, benefits and control.

BP Plus – the proven solution

BP Plus makes running a vehicle fleet easy and efficient. BP Plus lets you consolidate all fuel and vehicle expenses in one simple GST substantiated statement. BP Plus Online, our online reporting and fleet management tool, is available 24/7. BP Plus cards are accepted at over 1,400 BP sites across Australia, including our extended BP Specialist Discount Network.


BP Plus cards can be tailored to your individual business needs - from limited fuel-only cards to a comprehensive suite of additional non-fuel options, including:

  • Shop
  • Carwash
  • Diner

Vehicle or driver-specific cards are also available. Vehicle-specific cards enable businesses to track costs by vehicle and give multiple drivers the ability to use the same vehicle.

Personalised driver-specific cards feature the driver's name embossed on the front of card and are ideal for those staff that may use more than one company vehicle or hire cars. 

Customisable PDF reports are available free to BP Plus customers, as well as automated email delivery of reports at appropriately scheduled intervals.


BP Plus is convenient for fleet managers and drivers because it offers:

  • GST-substantiated reporting on a single monthly statement which lists all vehicle expenses
  • 24/7 access to the BP Plus Online to view reports, order additional cards, report cards lost or stolen, and manage a fleet on demand
  • The ability to send cards and personal identification number (PIN) mailers directly from your head office to cardholding staff at alternative addresses
  • Online PIN management providing access to BP Plus Online and the capacity to change PINs online
  • Access to over 1,400 BP sites across Australia

Customer security and confidentiality is a priority for BP, which is why BP Plus offers a range of customer security options including:

  • BP Plus PINs are the preferred security measure. PINs can be used for vehicle-specific cards and cardholders who prefer a PIN instead of a signature
  • Signatures can be used when the card will only be used by an individual cardholder
  • Cardholders are prompted to provide odometer readings to console operators at sites when making purchases. This provides the business utilising the card with additional tracking measures
  • Purchase limits can also be nominated on individual cards and can restrict purchases by time, volume or dollars
*From 1/7/19, eligible new BP Plus business customers (or existing BP Plus business customers invited to participate) get 3c per litre off premium fuel (95 Unleaded, BP Ultimate 98 Unleaded/BP Ultimate Diesel) pump price & 2c per litre off regular fuel (91 Unleaded & Diesel) pump price, when purchased on BP Plus acct. Excl Autogas & AdBlue. BP Plus application & acct subject to BP Plus terms & application may take 4 weeks for approval. Read the full offer conditions. Promoter: BP Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 53 004 085 616).
^Offer Period: 12:01am 07/05/19 - 11:59pm 30/04/22. All times AEST. Open only to AU BP Plus account holders with ACN/ABN who have purchased less than 3million litres of fuel (including all unleaded/diesel) on their BP Plus acct in the 12 months prior to 30/04/19. Offer is running in respect of three periods within the Offer Period: 07/05/19 - 30/04/20, 01/05/20 – 30/04/21, 01/05/21 - 30/04/22. During each of these periods, get waiver of AMEX card acceptance fees in respect of BP Plus purchases made by your business during that 12 month period up to a max of $4million per period (Cap). Related entities who each hold a separate BP Plus acct will have a shared Cap. Max 1 BP Plus account per business is eligible for this offer. Participants will get future marketing from the Promoter. See www.bp.com.au/amexofferconditions for full conditions inc. privacy statement. Promoter: BP Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 53 004 085 616)