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Care Plus card security

Care Plus

We recognise that card security is a priority for all customers and BP Plus offers a range of security options for customers to choose from. These include:


  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) - the preferred security measure, PINs can be used for vehicle specific cards and for those cardholders who prefer a PIN instead of a signature.
  • Signature - used in cases where the card will only be used by an individual cardholder.
  • Odometer readings - when selected, cardholders will be prompted to supply odometer readings to the console operator at time of purchase. The use of odometer readings provides additional tracking measures for the organisation.
  • Purchase limits - can also be nominated on individual cards and will restrict purchases by time, volume or dollars.

Care Plus is a BP Plus security offer that aims to minimise preventable costs to your business. Care Plus is managed by a team of card security experts, the Care Plus Team, and features two key components: Care Plus detection and Care Plus assistance.


All BP Plus customers and transaction are subject to the BP Plus Terms and Conditions.


For more detailed information download the Care Plus brochure.

Care Plus detection


Care Plus detection - all BP Plus transactions are monitored through a number of specially developed reporting tools designed to highlight potential suspicious transactions. Where a suspicious transaction is found, the Care Plus Team will proactively contact you and take appropriate action.

Care Plus assistance


Care Plus assistance - we will help you to understand the card security options available and assist to setup appropriate security on your account that is suited to your business needs.

Care Plus team


Security features the Care Plus Team can assist with include:

  • PIN numbers
  • Card management
  • Exception reports
  • Purchase options

The Care Plus Team are experienced card security experts who will be available to assist you with your card security needs.