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Payment and credit limits

Standard payment arrangements are 21 days after invoice generated at the end of each calendar month


BP Plus payments are made via direct debit either from a nominated bank account of your selection or a credit card (we accept.Visa, MasterCard and American Express). Note that credit card payments will attract a Service Fee.


Find out more information on how to make payments using BP Plus Online.


Should you need to update your nominated banking account details, please contact the BP Customer Service Centre on 1300 1300 27

Payment Dishonour (Defaulted Payment)

BP's policy around payment dishonours is important to understand:


A 1st dishonour in the first 3 months of trading with BP would mean closure of your account.


A 2nd dishonour in a row would mean closure of your account.


A 3rd dishonour in a 12 month period would mean closure of your account. NOTE: This is a rolling 12 months not calendar year.


A fee of $55 is charged for every dishonour and will show in the next invoice that is issued.


If, for some reason, the default was due to banking error evidence would need to be supplied.


An account may be considered to remain open if a Bank Guarantee can be supplied to BP.

Credit Limits

Your BP Plus account is set up with a credit limit, allowing you to make purchases up to this limit before a payment is required. When your credit limit is reached your account and cards will be placed on temporary lock, meaning you will be unable to transact at BP sites.

To ensure that you always keep your business on the move, you can view your account balance quickly and easily in BP Plus Online by referring to:


  • Your account information in the top right hand corner of every page
  • The Account Summary bar on the right hand side of the BP Plus Online homepage, or
  • The Account Summary section of the Account Details' page


If your account balance is approaching your credit limit please contact the BP Customer Service Centre on 1300 1300 27 to make an early payment or request a credit limit increase.