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BP Bunge Bioenergia

BP Bunge Bioenergia, a joint venture formed by BP and
Bunge in 2019, was born as one of the leading companies in the low carbon ethanol, sugar and bioelectricity market in Brazil.

With 11 units located in the Southeast, North and Midwest regions of Brazil, and over 10,000 employees, BP Bunge Bioenergia has an annual crushing capacity of 32 million tons of sugarcane. In addition, it is capable of producing over 1.5 billion liters of ethanol, 1.1 million tons of sugar and exporting 1,200 GWh of energy to the Brazilian power grid. 


Committed to safety and sustainability, BP Bunge Bioenergia is a reference in the market and is able to meet the growing demand for biofuels and bioelectricity in the Brazilian market.


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