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Why biofuels?

Why biofuels?


We believe that biofuels offer one of the best large-scale solutions to reduce emissions in the transportation system.


Global biofuels demand will continue to grow. According to BP Energy Outlook, in the Energy Transition scenario, biofuels supply will increase ~70% compared to 2017, representing 7% of road transport demand for fuels.


Around the world, more than 60 countries already have biofuels mandates in place.


Sugar cane is one of the world’s most sustainable and advantaged feedstocks to produce renewable ethanol and power.  BP produces ethanol from sugar cane in Brazil, which has a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions around 70% lower than conventional transport fuels. It is a readily available solution to decarbonize transportation.

A significant increase in the use of biofuels, produced responsibly and using carefully selected raw materials will help to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.

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