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Oil and gas

BP Energy is responsible for leading BP’s activities in oil and natural gas exploration in Brazil

Present in the country since the 1970s, today it has 25 blocks in five different Brazilian geological basins, and is one of the international companies with the largest deepwater exploration portfolio in the country. Currently, BP operates six blocks: FZA-M-59 (Foz do Amazonas), BAR-M-346 (Barreirinhas), BM-C-35, C-M-755 and C-M-793 (Campos) and Pau Brasil (Santos). The other blocks are operated by partners.


Our strategic focus

Is to carry out deepwater exploration activities in Brazil responsibly, consistently investing in continuous improvements to operational performance and in the construction of solid relationships with industry players. BP's main focus is on safety, applying the best practices of the petroleum industry, respecting the environment and strengthening our relationship with the agents of the industry.


Our number one priority

Is to guarantee safe and reliable operations, underpinned by environmental protection plans, accident prevention techniques, operational management systems cutting-edge technology and stakeholder’s engagement.

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