Marine fuels

BP Marine started its operations in Brazil in June 2016 with marine diesel imports for sale to customers in the local market of oil and gas.

The NFX, a partnership formed in 2013 by BP and Prumo Logistica, aims to import, export, sell, distribute and market marine fuels under the brand name of BP Marine, one of the largest suppliers of fuels, lubricants and technical services the maritime industry. BP Marine has a global presence, offering services to companies operating large ships for containers, tanks and bulk cargo. Committed to the highest international quality standards and best environmental practices and safety, BP Marine provides various types of fuels in the most important maritime distribution centers in the world.

The NFX occupies an area of ​​over 215,000 m2 at Açu Port, where is located its Marine Fuel Terminal of Açu, TECMA. Built in Terminal 2 (Onshore), the TECMA has two berths discontinuous berthing, which allow for simultaneous operations. The terminal will meet the demands of ships of all sizes and activities, especially PSVs (Platform Supply Vessels) to service the oil and gas companies in the Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo. The operations will be carried out with a dedicated vessel.

The first operation for customers was held on June 3. With a privileged location, the operation of NFX positions the Port of Acu as a major distribution centers in the South Atlantic marine fuels.

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