BP Energy Outlook 2035

The 2015 edition of the Energy Outlook 2035 updates BP's projections for the future of global energy markets by 2035, including Brazil. The country will transform itself into an net energy exporter by 2035, says the Outlook, as production of oil, gas and renewables grow.

Production of diferent fuels will rise: oil (+134%), gas (+152%) and renewables in power (+270%). Due to the increase in the production of oil and biofuels, Brazil also becomes the largest producer in South America. 

Demand for fuels in Brazil will continue to grow, with gas leading fossil fuels growth, followed by oil (+52%) and coal (+18%). To meet the increasing demand, the country's energy mix continues to evolve, as oil loses market share for biofuels in transport, but remains the dominant fuel. We also project that renewables will replace coal and hydro in power generation.