Emergency response

Despite all of our efforts to prevent accidents, these can sometimes happen. Therefore, we are always ready to respond to emergencies, aiming to minimise adverse impacts and facilitate the execution of mitigation activities. 

BP adopts its Incident Command System (ICS) all over the world. This is a centralised and systematic operational approach that involves preparation, response, recuperation and evaluation of the lessons learned. This approach provides BP with the flexibility to respond to different types of events, from small local incidents to large incidents that require the involvement of resources from the whole group. 

BP has been at the forefront of specific collaborative efforts in the oil and gas industry to promote preparation and response to oil spill incidents at sea. In 2012, the group adopted new requirements, applicable at all BP’s E&P business units around the world, to manage crises, planning and the preparation of responses, establishing timelines for full conformity. 

In the case of an incident, all of BP’s response actions aim to protect, in order of priority: 
  • People
  • Environment
  • Property
  • Business
In 2013, BP carried out a high scale emergency response exercise in an environmentally sensitive area off the coast of Bahia in Brazil. Find out more.

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