Well capping

The Well Cap, a piece of equipment used for emergency well closure, can be mobilized for any country in up to 10 days. 

Using its knowledge in responses to emergencies, a team of specialists at BP developed the BP Global Deepwater Well Cap, a piece of equipment made up of 250 parts that they designed especially for the emergency closure of deepwater wells at depths of up to 3,000 metres. The package also includes tools to disperse oil flow and remove debris.

The construction of this equipment was part of a series of actions that BP took to strengthen its ability to prevent and respond to potential incidents on five fronts: prevention and safety; containment; relief wells; response to oil spills and crisis management.

Stored in Houston and ready to be mobilized at any time, the Well Cap can be transported in seven heavy cargo aeroplanes to any country where BP operates in up to 10 days. Once at the location the components are sent to the well. BP also has additional vessels and other essential equipment to install and action its well capping system in every region where it operates.

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