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BP FleetMove

Convert your vehicle data into cost savings

Improve your fleet efficiency with BP FleetMove. Developed with our partners at TomTom Telematics, BP FleetMove exists to help you advance your business by making the administration of your fleet easier. Save on time and fuel, for every type and size of fleet.


TomTom Telematics Service Platform links the transaction data of your BP Fuel Card to the vehicle data and information on driver performance. The system works with user-friendly interfaces on your smartphone and PC, so you can easily and completely control your fleet's administration.

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BP FleetMove 

Pro by TomTom

BP FleetMove Pro with TomTom

  • BP FleetMove Pro for cars, vans, and mixed fleets by TomTom Telematics sends vehicle condition, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions data every 15 minutes.
  • Keep your fleet safe with track & trace. You’ll always know where your vehicles are, protecting your fleet from theft and making fuelling more secure.
  •  Save time and money for you and your drivers. Data from tachographs, fuel tanks, and navigation systems are combined to provide real-time support for drivers.