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Now's the TimE

The electrification journey has begun.

Ready for the road ahead?

Electrification is coming. It’s not a question of if, but when. 
But progress is never straightforward, and businesses must balance several competing priorities when managing their fleets.


How can fleet managers overcome the remaining barriers to EV adoption? 

Our research into the opinions of fleet managers and drivers on electrification showed that there are still many misconceptions about EVs. Take a look at our video to show how the journey towards electrification and net zero can be more straightforward for fleets. 
Now's the TimE

The industry, media and other commentators are increasingly questioning whether enough is being done to drive faster EV adoption. With a targeted range of products and services that can provide support for any organisation, from large businesses to SMEs to the public sector, bp can help ease fleet managers efficiently through the transition and overcome common barriers to EV adoption.


bp Fleet recently surveyed 750 fleet managers and drivers to understand more about the barriers which organisations are facing when transitioning to EV fleets. This research identified a number of challenges, but also revealed a great deal of optimism and excitement among the industry for the switch to EVs.


That enthusiasm and energy is a critical driving force that must be harnessed if we are to make sufficient progress in EV adoption ahead of the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel.

Now really is the time! 


Our insight reveals a reassuring sense of confidence among fleets towards the switch to EVs, with 25% of fleet managers and drivers admitting to feeling ‘excited and proud’ about the prospect of an electric fleet. Further, 69% of managers and 52% of drivers say they feel this way because of the positive impact switching will have on the environment.

The research also shows that nearly half of fleet managers (43%) and fleet drivers (41%) think they will have begun the transition within the next two years, demonstrating further eagerness within the industry to embrace change soon.

However, despite growing confidence, over half of fleet managers (53%) and fleet drivers (52%) say that charging on the go is still a concern.

When then asked about whether the nation will be ready for the 2030 ban, both fleet managers (62%) and drivers (69%) think that the cost of EVs will stand in the way of wider adoption.  

Guide to get started

We’ve done the research; we’ve shattered the myths – now’s the time to show you how to begin your journey to electrification with our ultimate guide for fleet managers. From support on getting started, to a breakdown of our range of charging options, we hope to ease any anxieties and show how bp can facilitate your journey to electrification for fleets of any size.

We want to help our fleets to make this change happen smoothly. 

So, what are you waiting for?  
Now’s the time to make the switch to EV. And we’re right by your side to help make the journey as easy as possible.