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Now's the timE

The electrification journey has begun.

Ready for the road ahead?

Now's the timE
Everyone appreciates that vehicle electrification is coming.  It’s not a question of if, but when.
Yet things are taking time and fleets have reached something of a crossroads in their journey. 

So why the hold up?  And what can we do about it? 


With the industry, media and other commentators increasingly questioning whether enough is being done to drive faster EV adoption, bp want to help fleet managers and drivers understand that with few barriers left, the comprehensive support offered through bp Fuel and Charge and bp pulse will ease them efficiently through the transition, but at their own speed.

To support fleets on their electric journey, bp Fuel and Charge and bp pulse have launched a three-stage programme to better inform, inspire and support the industry at this really important time.  After all, there isn’t lots of time left with 2030 looming large, so … now really is the time. 

1. Inform
First off, we’ve commissioned some research to better understand the reasons why fleets are still reluctant to switch to EV, the obstacles that stand in the way for both fleet managers and drivers – and how some fleets have already overcome them.  We can always learn from others. The research is aimed at both fleet managers and drivers across the UK, in various stages on their journey to electrification and is the first time ever that a fuel card provider has conducted research into both manager’s and driver’s views on the switch to EV.
2. Inspire

We’ll then take the findings from our research to broaden the conversation, seeking valuable input and opinions from stakeholders and thought leaders within the industry.   

Key industry leaders will be coming together at a roundtable event hosted by bp to debate our research and discuss the reasons why now’s the time to switch to EV. 

Look out for lots of data rich content at our Fleet Mobility Live stand on 5th and 6th October 2021 to support your case for change within your fleet. 

3. Support

Taking the knowledge and insight from the research and industry roundtable, we’ll be launching a Digital Toolkit for fleet managers and their drivers later this year.  Accessible via the bp website and neatly integrated within the Fuel and Charge app, the toolkit will be a complete ‘how to’ guide on switching your fleet to EV. 

What you’ll find in the Fuel and Charge Toolkit:

  • Information on the support available to you through bp’s Fleet Solutions.
  • All you need to know on government legislation. 
  • Guides on how to get the most out of the Fuel & Charge app.
  • Fool proof FAQs so you’re not left waiting for answers! 



There’s no time to waste. With transport contributing nearly a third of all emissions in the UK, EV adoption plays a huge part in helping the world get to net zero.Bernard LooneyCEO, bp


So, what are you waiting for?  Don’t get left behind. 
Now’s the time to make the switch to EV. And we’re right by your side to help make the journey as easy as possible. 
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