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On-road services for fuel card users

Get back on the road with your BP fuel card

Manage tolls and on-road services from a single online dashboard. Take advantage of helpful services like repair work, towing, tyre replacement, garage operations, arranging replacement transport and cashless purchase of tolls, taxes and parking.

For UK based fleets, BP offers a number of personalisable Drive Britain packages to make driving easier. Automatic Dartford Crossing and London Congestion Charge toll payment along with secure parking and cleaning services are available with your BP Fuel Card.


Ensure your fleet stays on the move throughout Europe and the UK.

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On road services for bp customers especially in case of road emergencies

One card for all on road services 

Easily access international truck repair and towing services, car washes for your vehicle and tank or secure parking places for trucks. All without cash in your pocket or unnecessary paperwork, your fuel card or a smartphone with BPme application is enough.


In the UK, choose Drive Britain Plus for secure truck and tank washing and parking from SNAP, BP's partner.


You can rely on our help wherever and whenever you need it.



Benefits for truck and bus fleets

  • In the event of a breakdown or other unexpected situations on the road, your fleet is one call away from a full range of reliable roadside services throughout Europe.
  • Professional roadside assistance from TAI (Truck Assistance International), part of the AXA rescue group, provides help that you can count on. With TAI, you have complete technical assistance from local repair work to towing, tyre replacement, garage operations and replacement transport. Just call the free European TAI service number at 0080027374757 and get your fleet back on the road.
  • EETS Tollbox for international fleets consolidates toll charges in one on-board unit (OBU) for easier and faster expense management.



Help wherever and whenever you need it

For a range of help on the road, you only need the BP + Aral Fuel Card - your key to keeping your fleet moving on the road.



Benefits for car and van fleets

  • The BP + Aral Fuel Card allows your fleet to make cashless purchases of tolls, taxes, and parking.
  • All invoices are accessible online making administrating your fleet even easier.
  • BP quickly informs you when changes to rules or legislation are announced to help you navigate complex toll, tunnel and bridge networks.



Drive Britain from BP takes care of Dartford and London tolls

BP Fuel Cards customers who drive in London or use the Dartford crossing can now apply for its Drive Britain service and let it take care of the tolls automatically.


Part of BP On Road Services, Drive Britain will automatically take care of trips using the Dartford Crossing meaning you have one less thing to worry about. Once vehicles are registered, the system makes payments automatically, records the transaction and combines the cost in one easy fuel card invoice.


Drive Britain Plus will also include management of the London Congestion Charge (LCC) in the same system, and there is also an option to use the LCC functionality as a stand-alone service.


Administration around paying tolls can be a real headache – especially when it comes to new vehicles. Fleet managers and drivers can take care of Dartford Crossing and LCC tolls, as well as avoid unwanted fines in the post, by registering with our On the Road Services like Drive Britain and Drive Britain Plus.