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Benefits for drivers

Our offer supports the needs of your drivers and makes their life on the road more comfortable.

Safe sites for comfortable breaks


We make sure drivers can look forward to a comforting break with high-quality food and drinks, including freshly brewed Wild Bean coffee and delicious snacks. We offer regular promotions* on beverages, breakfast and lunch at bp branded sites. Many of our stations are open 24/7.

*Applies to bp owned and operated sites only. 

Truck and bus facilities


We know the importance of keeping fleets running smoothly. 540 of our sites in the UK are specially designed for truck and bus needs. Enjoy extra-high canopies, wider lanes and high-speed diesel pumps for faster and easier refuelling. Many of our sites offer secure truck and bus parking.

Mobile payments and bp loyalty program


BPme app

Benefit from the first mobile fuel purchasing app in the UK that connects to a fuel card. The BPme app saves time for drivers when paying for fuel and includes a site locator and route planner to help them on their journey. It also includes a digital BPme Rewards card so they never miss out on discounts and rewards points.



BPme Rewards

Drivers can now get instant discounts on food, drinks and shop purchases when they scan their BPme Rewards card at the till while earning further points on every £1 spent at bp branded sites,  including on fuel.

Download the BPme app now:

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