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Formulated products technology (FPT) in Pangbourne is the central hub of our global network of technology centres. These centres carry out pioneering research and development of fuels and lubricants under the BP brand. With safety and reliability front of mind, they also provide regulatory and technical support to our customers

Pangbourne is also the global headquarters of our lubricants business. Its products are sold in dozens of countries all over the world. Our teams manage production and marketing of new, safe and reliable lubricants for automotive, marine, aviation and industrial uses.


Technology and motor sport have always played important roles in Castrol's success, and many products first developed for use in competitions have since become available to the everyday motorist. The technology centre has been at Whitchurch Hill, Pangbourne, for over 40 years.


Today it boasts advanced performance testing facilities such as small-scale component test rigs, full engine test cells, vehicle test chassis dynamometers and analytical laboratories. Our key lubricant product ranges include engine oils, brake fluids and anti-freezes for cars, trucks and motorbikes, as well as fluids and greases for shipping and industrial applications. 

BP also supplies fuels to automotive markets in North America, Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the Pangbourne site we have fuels and lubricants technology teams in the US, Germany, South Africa, China, Japan, India and Australia, which provide direct support to the regional businesses.