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Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is home to our retail and fuels businesses

There are around 1,200 bp service stations in the UK – some 300 of these are owned and operated directly by BP and the rest by our dealer partners. We support all these service stations, as well as various fuel terminals strategically located around the UK.

Milton Keynes plays a vital role in bp’s UK fuels value chain, ensuring that the different fuels we produce reach Britain’s motorists efficiently and effectively. This involves understanding customer behaviours and creating maximum value from our physical assets, such as our terminals, pipelines and retail sites. It also involves storing, handling, transporting, supplying and pricing our fuels.

All this requires enormous effort, which is why we employ over 250 people in Milton Keynes in areas such as marketing, merchandising, finance, HR, logistics, distribution and supply chain to keep everything running smoothly.


Our brands

Our forecourt experience is market-leading and award-winning. A big reason for this is our own brands, Ultimate Fuels and Wild Bean Café, as well as our partner brand, Marks & Spencer Simply Food. We also provide customers with an extensive range of popular branded products.