As one of the UK’s largest low carbon hydrogen production facilities, H2Teesside aims to bring jobs, customers, and investment to Teesside.

Thank you to all those who responded. We have now submitted our application for development consent to the Planning Inspectorate, and it has been accepted for examination. As part of our application, we have also submitted a Consultation Report which outlines the consultation we have undertaken, the feedback received and how we have considered it. 


There will be further opportunities to have your say on our proposals for H2Teesside by registering to take part in the examination process. Further information is available on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

February 2024 targeted consultation documents

You can view and download the community letter and plans produced for our February 2024 targeted consultation below:

September 2023 consultation documents

You can view and download the consultation documents produced for the September 2023 consultation here:

Preliminary Environmental Information Report 

As set out in the H2Teesside Project Update Brochure, our analysis is that the design changes do not alter the conclusions of our assessment presented in the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) which we shared as part of our first consultation in September 2023.


The PEIR is available here:

Preliminary Environmental Information Report