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Retail and aviation fuels

World-class service stations

World-class service stations

We supply fuel and convenience retail services to consumers through company-owned and franchised retail sites around the world

Our strong market positions are underpinned by the strength of our retail convenience partnerships, technology such as our advanced fuels, and use of digital technology, as well as our customer relationships. This differentiation enables our growth in existing markets and supports our growth plans in new material markets. 



In India

Our new joint venture with Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) will include a nation-wide retail service station network and aviation fuels business. The venture expects to expand from RIL’s current fuel retailing network of over 1,400 retail sites and 30 aviation fuel stations across India to up to 5,500 retail sites and 45 aviation fuel stations over the next five years to become the preferred provider of automotive and aviation fuels.

Our sites will, over time, provide advanced mobility solutions like LNG and CNG, ultra-fast charging (UFC) for electric vehicles, new-generation biofuels, and digital customer interfaces. Contact us for more information.



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