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Liter of Light

Electricity remains out of reach for almost 300,000 Malaysians


This community, a majority of whom are “orang asli” (indigenous people) live in rural areas across Peninsular Malaysia and in the East Malaysia states of Sabah and Sarawak.


Their remote location makes it a challenge to provide electricity, and when the sun sets they rely on candles, oil lamps and indoor bonfires to light up their homes. It is especially challenging for the young ones in the community who attempt to complete their studies and homework in dim lighting.


BP in Malaysia recently pursued the opportunity to make a difference to these communities through the LITER OF LIGHT initiative under its Corporate Responsibility banner.


Working together with The Incitement - a social business organization, BP Malaysia is committed to build ecologically sustainable and cost-effective solar lights for these communities until 2020. The initiative is called Liter of Light as a 1-litre bottle is used to house the LED bulb on the solar light.