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A sustainable approach to business is inherent in our purpose – reimagining energy for people and our planet. We want to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s lives and can do this by being a safe, focused, responsible, well-governed and transparent organization
Night time city scape

Our net zero ambition

Our ambition is to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and to help the world get to net zero.


We have set out 10 aims, which together set out a path that is consistent with the Paris goals.

Our sustainability frame

Our new sustainability frame links our strategy to our purpose ‎–‎ to reimagine energy for people and our planet
Sustainability frame ‎–‎ graphic

There is a need for organizations like ours to think about sustainability holistically, encompassing climate and environmental concerns as well as a broader set of issues that impact society. We need to follow through on our commitments and aims with timely efforts and transparency on progress.


Our new sustainability framework helps us to do that. It includes our net zero ambition and aims and our wider approach to environmental and social issues.  It also helps to concentrate our efforts and resources where we believe we can make the most difference

Climate change and the energy transition

The world’s carbon budget is finite, and it is running out fast, driven by the needs and aspirations of society. But we have the skill and the will to help the world meet this growing desire for cleaner energy
Woodland trees and road
Our commitment to advance a low carbon future is underpinned and informed by our ‘reduce, improve, create’ (RIC) framework. This focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our own operations, improving our products to help our customers lower their emissions, and creating low carbon businesses that support the energy transition.


Our goals are: no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment
Drilling personnel reading a safety observation card

Safety is a core value and creating a safe and healthy workplace is our top priority, involving everyone at bp. Improving safety also makes us a more efficient business.


We focus on process safety, personal safety, health and wellbeing, and security.  

Value to society

We want to help people improve their lives through the products and services we provide and our presence in local communities worldwide  
Oman Mulhimat programme

We want to support a growing global population in ways that contribute to the energy transition and so that our operations have a net positive impact in local communities.


We work hard to manage our social and environmental impacts and opportunities:

  • We engage with local communities to manage the impacts of our presence.
  • We work with communities to identify opportunities for them to benefit from our activities.
  • We invest in local initiatives, focusing on economic development, education, the environment and engagement with culture or arts.


We respect the environments in which we operate. We also respect the communities that depend on these environments for resources to support their livelihoods
Local women workers ploughing the fields

We work hard to understand any environmental and social sensitivities in the areas where we operate. With this understanding we:


  • Aim to avoid, minimize and mitigate any adverse impacts.
  • Respect the local environment and the communities that depend on it for resources to support their livelihoods.


Our people are the most important element of our success
BP runners
We need a motivated, engaged and diverse workforce to deliver our purpose and lead in the energy transition. We’re building a culture that generates the diversity of thought, approach and ideas needed to lead in the energy transition – a culture in which people’s wellbeing matters and differences are valued.


To be a trusted business, we must work to a consistent and high set of ethical standards wherever in the world we operate
Upstream meeting
We do business in line with our code of conduct, values and behaviours, policies and procedures relating to all aspect of ethical business, including bribery and corruption, supply chain standards and revenue transparency.