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Technology Outlook examines the potential of technology to change the way we produce and use energy to 2060. In addition to our main Technology Outlook report and Technology Outlook podcasts, we regularly work in partnership with subject matter experts to conduct detailed studies into the potential of specific technologies.

Podcast series

Angela Lamont, technology journalist, talks to experts both inside and outside of bp to get their views on some of the most exciting energy technologies on the horizon. How do they work? How could they develop? And could they help transform our energy system to lower carbon? In the first series, we explore the potential of solar, batteries, hydrogen and wind to help the transition to a low carbon future.

9. Wind – floating offshore special

8 min

In this podcast, we look at how floating offshore wind technology may unlock great potential in areas around the world that have great wind resources but where the coastal waters are either too deep or unsuitable for fixed offshore wind.

8. Wind

16 min

Wind turbines have come a long way in the last 25 years and now they’re learning to float and fly in a bid to become a major player in the pathway towards net zero

7. Hydrogen – Orkney Islands special

12 min

Angela Lamont visits the Orkney Islands to find out first-hand how they’re pioneering the use of hydrogen for power, energy storage and marine transport to help decarbonize their community.

6. Hydrogen

13 min

Blue, green or grey … find out about the different technologies and how the Orkney Islands are using it as part of their pioneering approach to zero carbon energy. Could now be the time hydrogen comes of age?

Additional content

5. Batteries - Kurt Kelty

9 min


Kurt Kelty was the first ‘battery person’ at Tesla and in this podcast special he shares his story at what was a ground-breaking time for both battery technology and Tesla.

4. Batteries+

10 min


In our second podcast on batteries, you'll hear some deeper insights on exactly how the technologies are evolving, how golf balls could hold the key to faster charging and how our idea of what makes a good battery may have been wrong all along.

Additional content

3. Batteries

15 min

What makes a battery a battery? How is battery technology evolving to effectively store renewable energy and keep pace with the rapid rise in electric vehicles? What are the challenges … and will batteries ever be ‘up to the job’?

2. Solar - Perovskites

4 min

What IS Perovskite and why have we never heard of it before?  Chris Case, CTO of Oxford PV looks at the huge potential...and limitations of this synthesized material which is hundreds of times more efficient at absorbing sunlight than existing silicon technology.

Additional content

1. Solar

15 min


Has solar tech finally come of age? What does going 'off grid' actually mean? Is ‘negative pricing’ for electricity an actual thing? And how does governmental policy affect new energy technologies? It’s all here...