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bp EV charging, your place to recharge

Our network is growing rapidly

We’re planning on scaling up our charging network across New Zealand, installing 600 charge points in the next few years.

How to charge 

When you arrive at a bp EV charging station:

  1. Open your bp EV charging app
  2. Scan the QR code or enter the station ID 
  3. Select the plug you need and press 'begin charge' 
  4. You can monitor your charge session through the app or on the charging screen 

While you’re waiting, head in store to recharge yourself with our range of food and drinks at Wild Bean Cafe.  

Our chargers

Our network of rapid DC chargers are capable of delivering speeds of up to 75kW. Each charger will have CCS plugs, and some will have both CCS and CHAdeMO plugs to fit your charging needs.


Each charger has two connectors and can charge two vehicles simultaneously. In late 2023, new and existing chargers will be connected to high power grid connections that will enable charging speeds of up to 150kW.


Charging speeds can be reduced if both charging points are in use. The speed of charging will also depend on your vehicle’s battery size and your vehicle’s charging capacity.


Contact Us

bp EV charging support: 
0800 002788

bp EV charging email: evdriversupportNZ@bp.com