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Castrol has been present on the Russian market for almost 30 years. Throughout this period Castrol lubricants have gained and enjoyed trust both from professionals of automobile market and ordinary drivers in Russia.


Today Castrol is a well-known and respected brand, popular among customers. The company is marketing full line of auto, motorcycle and industrial lubricants.


Setra Lubricants, which is part of BP European lubricants division, is responsible for marketing and sales of Castrol branded lubricants in Russia. The products are produced at plants in Germany, Belgium, Italy and Austria and are sold via broad network of official distributors, auto dealers, independent service stations and major retailer networks.

Castrol cooperates with leading car producers (Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Skoda, Volkswagen, Volvo), whose engineers participate in developing lubricants. That is why Castrol is recommended by most of these OEMs.

Air BP

As the aviation division of BP, Air BP is one of the world's largest suppliers of aviation fuel products and services. Air BP has a network of operations at over 900 locations in more than 50 countries.


Air BP also consults its partners on technical and engineering issues. Combination of experience of work
in Russia with a global organization enables us to focus on our relationships with our partners, be they customers, airport operators or other third parties, to understand their specific requirements, and to seek out innovative and
flexible solutions to meet those requirements.



BP in Moscow provide a point of contact for airlines and business aviation in Russia, CIS, Baltic states who
require aviation products for their international operations. Air BP is a major international fueler for Aeroflot, Siberia Airlines and other airlines.

IST (Integrated Supply and Trading)

The IST group is the global trading arm of BP. IST’s Moscow office plays a significant role in IST's trading presence in Russia and the rest of the CIS countries. It handles the relationships with the state and private Integrated and trading oil companies operating in the region, develops new sourcing opportunities and provides valuable market information and insight to the IST trading teams.

An oil trader looks at multiple screens displaying detailed information while talking on the telephone, on the IST Oil trading floor at the office in Chicago, Illinois, USA.