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The energy we produce helps to support economic growth and improve quality of life for millions of people. We strive to be a world-class operator, a responsible corporate citizen and a good employer

The world is growing like never before, creating opportunity for billions of people. And all this growth requires energy. But as the world demands more energy it also demands that it be produced and delivered in new ways, with fewer emissions.


At BP, we embrace this dual challenge. We have always looked to the future, adapted to change and met challenges like this head on.


To deliver significantly lower emissions, every type of energy needs to be cleaner and better. A race to renewables will not be enough. That’s why we are making bold changes across our entire business.


Reducing, improving, creating

We’re reducing emissions in our own operations; we’re improving our products to help customers lower their emissions; and we’re creating low carbon businesses.


We are able to do this because of the innovative mindset of our people, our unique global research network, and the potential being unleashed by digital, big data and advanced technologies.


It won’t be easy, true progress seldom is, but BP will never stop working to help the world keep moving and, more importantly, keep advancing.

Value to society

We make a significant contribution to societies around the world, providing heat and light for homes, fuel to get people to their destinations and power for industry
Supporting economic development in Oman

We make a significant contribution to societies around the world, providing heat and light for homes, fuel to get people to their destinations and power for industry.


We enable countries to grow their domestic supplies of energy and boost their energy security. This, in turn, creates jobs, drives economic development and generates revenue for governments. The value we create can transform communities, even nations.


We try to recruit our workforce from the community or country in which we are based. While some governments require us to do so, we try to do this everywhere we operate because we believe it’s not just good for the local community, it’s good for BP.


We aspire to no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment
Driving change in Brazil

To deliver this, we plan our operations carefully, identifying potential hazards and managing risks at every stage.


We design our facilities to appropriate industry standards and manage them throughout their lifetime.


Nothing matters more than every one of our people returning home safely each day.


Everyone working at BP has the authority to stop unsafe work. Our leaders are accountable for helping to build this culture of care in their teams and every employee is responsible for keeping themselves and each other safe.


We work hard to avoid, mitigate and manage our environmental impacts over the life of our operations
Seismic survey projection on screen

How our businesses around the world understand and manage their environmental and social impacts is set out in our operating management system – which underscores the importance of consulting with stakeholders who may be affected by our activities.