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Keep advancing

Over the coming years, hundreds of millions of people around the world will lift themselves out of poverty, making the demand for energy and the demands on our planet greater than ever. At BP, we’re committed to providing the energy that fuels growth and improves lives but in new ways, with fewer emissions. Discover our approach to helping solve this dual challenge

What’s the dual challenge? Glad you asked.

It’s the way we describe one of the biggest issues of our time – how to deliver more of the energy our growing world needs, while at the same time dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


It’s no exaggeration that energy transforms lives. It heats our homes and cooks our food, helps us to build hospitals and schools and takes us on life-changing journeys. 


But, we also need energy that is cleaner and better. Not just tomorrow, but today. Now.


At BP, we not only recognize this challenge, we embrace it, so that everyone – including the two billion more people who will share our planet in the next two decades – has the energy they need to thrive.


We recognize we cannot do this alone. Everyone, from consumers to corporations to governments, needs to take responsibility. If we respond collectively, even a challenge as complex as climate change can be met.


BP is dedicated to being part of the solution, which is why we’re teaming up with talented companies to test ideas that just might revolutionize the way we source, use and track energy. From new renewable energy partnerships and electric vehicle charging networks to clever technologies that turn our household waste into jet fuel.


And, we’re not stopping there. Our employees are finding new ways to reduce emissions within our businesses. And in fact, we introduced our advancing low carbon (ALC) accreditation programme to highlight some of our successes.



At BP, we see possibilities everywhere to help the world keep advancing.


Possibilities everywhere

From renewable energy and cleaner-burning natural gas to new lower carbon businesses and advanced fuels, we are working to make all forms of energy cleaner and better.