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bp foundation

The bp foundation inc. is a charitable organization - separate from but entirely funded by bp - that supports philanthropic activities around the world.

The bp foundation was granted charitable status in 1953 and is recognized as a US 501(c)(3) tax exempt private foundation based in the United States. Since 1953, the bp foundation has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in global philanthropic support.
BP Foundation

Today, the bp foundation helps communities around the world through support of natural disaster, humanitarian relief efforts and through financial support of the bp foundation Employee Matching Fund. In 2021, our US employees made significant personal contributions to charitable organizations worldwide, along with more than 30,000 volunteer hours, and the foundation delivered matching gifts of more than $2 million.


A separate legal entity from bp, the bp foundation accounts independently for its operations, assets, liabilities and expenses.

BP Foundation

The bp foundation Employee Matching Fund 

Enables eligible bp employees to request matching funds to eligible non-profit organizations to help grow the impact of employee volunteer time, charitable donations and participation in fundraising pledge events. The employee matching program enables employees to choose how they play their part in ensuring that communities benefit from bp's presence.  


The bp foundation Disaster Relief efforts

Provides support for disaster, humanitarian relief efforts to areas severely impacted by natural disasters and where bp has significant local employee and business presence.

BP Foundation

bp foundation funding guidelines

The bp foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.   


The bp foundation currently focuses in two key areas: Natural disaster relief support and the bp foundation Employee Matching Fund.


As a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, the bp foundation can only provide funding to eligible verified charitable organizations.

BP Foundation

The bp foundation governance

The bp foundation is governed by a Board of Directors representing bp businesses around the world, including officers representing the corporate secretary’s office, tax, treasury and legal. The business, property, and affairs of the foundation are managed and controlled by the Board of Directors, who also determine the bp foundation’s strategic direction, mission and donation strategy.


Board of directors


  • Mary Streett (US), chairman/president
  • Hans Boas (US), director
  • Chan Boodhai (UK), director
  • Anshul Mathur (India), director




  • Tara Harrison, executive director
  • Andy Zone, chief financial officer
  • Rucia Pei, general tax officer
  • Donald L. Kettering, treasurer
  • Nike Thorpe, secretary


Legal Counsel


  • John Philippe