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bp statement on its FERC complaint against Venture Global

Release date:
11 December 2023

Effective oversight of US LNG export facilities depends on meaningful transparency, including public disclosure of key facts and documents necessary to ensure FERC’s rules are being followed. That’s why bp filed a complaint with FERC against LNG supplier Venture Global, which is not being transparent about the status of its Calcasieu Pass facility in Louisiana.


FERC requires LNG suppliers to disclose publicly the status of their export facilities to ensure transparency and fairness in the regulatory process. Yet Venture Global has repeatedly submitted redacted filings to FERC that obscure the status of its Calcasieu Pass facility. By doing so without sufficient justification, bp believes Venture Global is not in compliance with FERC’s regulations, withholding critical information and sidestepping public scrutiny of its abnormally lengthy commissioning period.


Venture Global’s conduct has shaken confidence in the trustworthiness of LNG suppliers at a critical time, and is harming the stability and growth of the LNG industry. With this administrative action, bp seeks to bring Venture Global into compliance with FERC’s regulations requiring Venture Global to be fully transparent and unseal its unnecessarily confidential regulatory filings.

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