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US Impact Report

Today, most of our global investment goes into oil and gas. By 2030, we aim for around half to be going into our lower carbon businesses, convenience and power.

bp has a larger presence in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Every major bp global business is active here. Among our more than 67,000 employees in more than 60 countries, more than 13,000 work in the US

Map Key

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Northwest, our operations span many states, where we are relentlessly working to reduce emissions, improve products and create new low-carbon businesses. Find out more details about our US footprint via our interactive map.

A map key for the bp US interactive map
A headshot of bp America chairman and president Dave Lawler
bp is proud of our 150-year history in the United States, and we’re committed to America for the long term as we transform our company in line with our ambition to reach net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner, and help the world get there too.David Lawer,chairman and president, bp America
Our strategy
A graphic of bp's strategy for going from an IOC to an IEC


From IOC to IEC


In 2020, we set out our net zero ambition and a new strategy to become an integrated energy company. And in February 2022, we announced that we expect to increase the proportion of capital expenditure in transition growth businesses to more than 40% by 2025 and around 50% by 2030.

Resilient hydrocarbons
An icon of an offshore platform with the text "resilient hydrocarbons" against a green background


Hydrocarbons that can withstand volatility in the market and are connected to nearby, pre-existing infrastructure are “resilient”. Our resilient hydrocarbons business is a key pillar in our transformation into an integrated energy company.

Convenience & mobility
An icon of a city with the text "Convenience & mobility" against a dark green background


Convenience & mobility is another key pillar of bp’s strategy — and one of bp’s five transition growth engines. In the US, our retail sites span 35 states and service around three million customers daily.

Low carbon energy
An icon of wind turbines with the text "Low carbon energy" on a yellow background


Low carbon energy is the third key pillar of bp’s strategy. We’re rapidly scaling renewables, like solar and offshore wind, and expanding into carbon capture and storage and low carbon hydrogen production.

Energizing America’s economy