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Customers & products

In customers & products (C&P) we're innovating with new business models and service platforms to deliver ‎the future of mobility, energy and services for our customers


Convenience and mobility is a key pillar of bp’s strategy – and one of bp’s five transition growth engines. In the US, our sites span 35 states and service around 3 million customers daily.

We’re aiming to double earnings from global convenience and mobility businesses by 2030 – increasing from around $5 billion in 2019 – while delivering returns in the range of 15-20%. For that same time frame, we’re aiming to increase customer touchpoints to 20 million.

Products and services

Find a product and service from one of bp's many businesses and brands in the US.

A picture of a bp gas station pumps with a car pulling out onto a road next to the fuel station