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bp’s lubricant brand Castrol is a global leader in lubricant technology, serving customers and consumers in over 140 countries in the automotive, marine, industrial, aerospace and energy production sectors


Our branded products are recognized globally for innovation and high performance through our commitment to premium quality products, highly responsive services and cutting-edge technology.

A picture of oil being poured with the text "Castrol accounts for 23 out of every 100 gallons of consumer motor oil purchased in U.S. stores"

Castrol in the US

In the US, Castrol is a top choice for motorists who change their own oil, as well as being one of the leading lubricant suppliers to the rapidly growing wind industry. Our metal working and machining fluids are critical to the production of components for the automotive and aerospace industries. Our production fluids are at the forefront of oil exploration and production in the waters of the US Gulf and our specialist greases and lubricants have played key roles in space exploration for decades.



e-Fluids for electric mobility

In June 2021, Castrol announced the launch of Castrol ON, our e-Fluids brand for electric mobility, which will work to create a new era for electric vehicles (EVs). From transmission fluids, which are inside many EVs already on the road, to greases and thermal fluids, these products enable EVs to run smoothly and efficiently while staying cool. Castrol e-Fluids also support equipment used at sea in the transfer of power from an engine or electric motor to a propeller or thruster. Castrol’s e-Fluids are already used by more than half of electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers.


We developed these e-Fluids in close collaboration with industry partners, including the Jaguar Racing Formula E Team, so our technologies were tested to the limit on the racetrack before they ever reached the road.



Carbon-neutral product mix

We have also produced a diverse mix of carbon-neutral Castrol products, including for passenger cars (EDGE Professional), for the wind industry (Optigear), and carbon-neutral lubricants for the commercial trucking industry (VECTON).

Digital innovation

In the wind sector, Castrol has a joint venture called ONYX InSight, a digital monitoring platform that helps wind farm operators track the condition of turbines, optimize maintenance and reduce operating costs. ONYX InSight has deployed this technology to thousands of turbines across the US wind market.



Low carbon partnerships

Castrol is also driving low carbon solutions through external partnerships, such as our sponsorship of the Roush Fenway Racing (RFR) NASCAR team.