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bp pulse

Building America’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure

As America’s demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, we’ll be here to meet the energy needs of EV drivers across the nation with bp pulse – our EV charging business for consumers and commercial fleets in the US.


Discover our plan to supercharge America’s EV infrastructure.

Simplifying electrification with fast, reliable charging solutions

Over the next two to three years, we plan to invest $500 million in EV charging infrastructure in America, including the deployment of 3,000 fast and reliable charge points throughout the US by 2025. By 2030, we plan to double our investment to $1 billion.

Introducing the bp pulse network

Our network includes a collection of large, fast-charging EV hubs, called Gigahubs, which we plan to build in high-demand locations near airports and major metropolitan areas. To accelerate the build out of our national EV charging network, we’re also tapping into our family of over 8,000 retail sites in 46 states and investing $100 million in Tesla’s ultra-fast charging hardware – the first deal of its kind to use Tesla chargers on an independent network.

A rendering of a bp pulse Gigahub

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Did you know?

Omega: bp pulse’s fleet optimization tool

bp pulse helps US commercial businesses optimize their EV fleet charging operations with Omega – a proprietary charge management software solution. It’s a Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) support model that can drastically reduce upfront capital costs, and it’s changing the game for EV fleets.

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