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EV fleet charging

We took our first major step into electrification in the US by acquiring EV fleet charging provider AMPLY Power in December 2021
An electric charger is plugged into the side of a blue bus

We took our first major step into the electric charging of commercial fleets operating trucks, buses and vans in the US with our acquisition of AMPLY Power, fully owned and rebranded now as bp pulse fleet. bp pulse specializes in providing electric fleets with the right charging solutions. Its comprehensive Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) approach for fleet operators helps to ensure each EV is optimally charged and available when needed, in exchange for a price-per-mile-driven fee. bp pulse’s proprietary software technology, OMEGA, helps fleet operators manage energy costs and optimizes performance by providing real-time monitoring of EV charging operations and preventative maintenance for both vehicles and chargers.


“bp is aiming to speed up electrification in the fast-growing fleet segment, which has a key role to play in lowering emissions from the transport sector. As we continue to invest in new forms of infrastructure and technology to serve our global fleet customers, AMPLY Power provides an ideal opportunity to build our EV business in the US. They bring an experienced team, a rapidly expanding customer base and user-friendly digital platform.” 


Richard Bartlett, SVP, future mobility and solutions