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BP in the U.S.

For over 150 years, BP has supplied the energy fueling America’s growth. Today, the core of our strategy is to meet the dual challenge of safely providing more energy with fewer emissions — and every part of our business is squarely focused on this mission.

Energizing America’s economy

BP has a larger economic footprint in the U.S. than we do anywhere else in the world. We employ about 14,000 people from coast to coast and support more than 200,000 additional American jobs. Between 2005 and 2018, BP invested more than $115 billion in the United States. And in 2018 alone, our operations contributed $100 billion to the national economy.

Take a dive into the numbers by exploring the sections below or download the full report at the top of this page.

BP’s activity in the U.S.

Community investment

The numbers tell the story