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Production & operations

We are transforming our hydrocarbons business to be at the heart of bp’s net zero future


Not only will emissions reductions from our Production and Operations (P&O) business be essential to helping us achieve our net zero ambition; the cash flows from these activities will also allow us to invest in the energy transition. Maintaining an absolute focus on safety and operational reliability will be essential to both.

Resilient Hydrocarbons

Oil and gas will continue to play a vital role in the decades to come as we all transition to net zero. We’re proud to produce the affordable, reliable, and increasingly cleaner energy people need, but to remain successful, we know we must keep evolving how bp get things done.


That’s why we are transforming the way we develop projects and have exciting opportunities on the horizon. We are creating a focused and competitive business – improving safety, driving down emissions, controlling costs, and innovating how we work.

A picture of Cherry Point Refinery at night with lights on

Renewable diesel


In 2018, our Cherry Point refinery became the first refinery in the Pacific Northwest to manufacture renewable diesel fuel by co-processing biomass-based feedstocks alongside traditional feedstocks. This project has helped bp reduce the CO₂ emissions from our Cherry Point diesel.


More recently, we announced our $45 million Renewable Diesel Optimization (RDO) project. RDO will more than double Cherry Point’s renewable diesel production capability to an estimated 2.6 million barrels a year. The additional renewable diesel production is expected to be available in 2022.