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Producing American energy for everyday life

bp's Cherry Point refinery
bp operates refineries in Cherry Point, Washington and Whiting, Indiana, playing a key role in powering regional transportation networks.

Providing the US with the energy it needs

Our US refineries represent about 40% of bp’s global refining capacity, producing the energy people need for everyday life. To deliver it safely, we use technology to reduce risks, like deploying drones instead of people to carry out inspections. 

A snapshot of bp’s US investment

  • 100,000+ jobs supported across IN, IL and WA 
  • ~700,000 barrels of crude oil refining capacity each day in the US 
  • ~40 percent of bp’s global refining capacity is here in the US
Two team members in protective equipment talk at the bp Whiting Refinery in Whiting, Indiana

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Explore our Cherry Point and Whiting refineries

Cherry Point

Located near Bellingham, Washington, bp’s Cherry Point is the largest refinery in the Pacific Northwest. It was the first refinery in the Northwest capable of co-processing renewable diesel from biomass-based feedstocks. This fuel is chemically identical to petroleum diesel but has a lower carbon footprint.


Cherry Point can process approximately 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day. It’s the largest supplier of jet fuel to the Seattle, Portland and Vancouver international airports, and is also a significant supplier of anode-grade calcined coke to the world’s aluminum industry.


Recent improvements include the start-up of a new vacuum tower in the hydrocracker – the “heart” of the refinery where heavy gas oils are subjected to high temperatures and pressure in the presence of hydrogen to produce gasoline and jet fuel. The improvements enable this process while saving energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The refinery also installed a new cooling tower and related infrastructure, which will enable more efficient cooling of process water.

Aerial view of bp's Cherry Point refinery near Bellingham, Washington
A picture of Whiting Refinery in northwest Indiana


About 17 miles southeast of downtown Chicago, in northwest Indiana, stands bp’s Whiting refinery.


It is the largest in the Midwest and bp’s largest anywhere in the world – making significant contributions to the region’s transportation network. Able to process around 440,000 barrels of crude oil every day, Whiting produces a wide range of transportation fuels, along with 7% of all asphalt in the US.


In October 2023, bp and the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen – the MachH2 coalition – announced their selection by the US Department of Energy for regional clean hydrogen hub funding. bp is looking to develop blue hydrogen production at or near bp’s Whiting, Indiana refinery.